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"God is your mindset.
Your mindset is God"

Joshua Tree

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Welcome to Joshua Tree!

Where emotional alchemy is key.

Joshua Tree is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Tantric Bodyworker, and Remote Tantric Energy Healer, ISSA Transformational Specialist, Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher, Joshua started his spiritual journey 6 years ago. He explored the fields of astrology, metaphysics, occult sciences, wholistic nutrition, fitness, energy work and tantra  - while using an esoteric perspective. He has since wholistically transformed. Through consistent energy work sessions, Joshua has help remove energetic blockages, whiplash migraines, low sex drive, depression, physical, abdominal, and vaginal pain. etc. Joshua has keen awareness and ability to understand, dark rooted emotions from people he has worked with and bring forth their inner light. Joshua knows that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. They may have forgotten, therefore, he holds space for those whom are willing to face and heal themselves. He now teaches what he has learned and practiced for the purpose of helping others to evolve and to cultivate what they truly are, which is Christ Consciousness.

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"Self Expression Is The Only Expression"


Defining Spiritual Work:

Spiritual work is healing work. Spiritual work is NOT just collecting crystals, or doing moon rituals, or using spiritual buzz words. It is you doing the emotional work to transform lower base emotions into higher emotions. It's you confronting your demons (emotions) in the darkness and transforming them into light. Spiritual work is the difficult work that you do for the alchemy of your spirit. 

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Joshua Tree provides services such as Remote Tantra Energy Healing, (Distant Healing) Ayurvedic Tantric Bodywork, and Wholistic Wellness Consultations. Everyone's journey is unique and customized for them. Depending on where your path has led you, will determine the best services for you. I approach all my clients with compassion, love, understanding, and non-judgment. Visit the service tab, for more information. 


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"Man must undergo many experiences before he attains spiritual perfection and before he acquires sufficient consciousness to comprehend God, his spirit must dwell within many bodies to acquire different experiences; this is what is known as reincarnations."

-John Baines, The Secret Science 

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