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Joshua Tree

Know thyself with certainty

Joshua Tree's spiritual journey started with one question: "what is all of this?" He found researching to understand more about reality, but that limited information did not satisfy his curiosity. One day, he stumbled across a Youtube video that said, "You got melanin, kundalini, pineal, that don't mean that you're using it. The God is a mindset; that mindset is beyond human...If you think like a human you won't understand the mind of God." ("Brother Panic God Frequency & Creativity"). That video and quote, by master occultist Brother Panic, sent Joshua Tree on a journey of extensive research and study. During this time:


  • He took Dr. Jewel Pookrum's Brain Balance Program.

  • He studied nutrition under the late Dr. Llaila Afrika. 

  • He became a certified level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

  • He took Brother Panic's Occult Science course.


  • He took Khadijah Samedi's Chakra course. ​​

  • He went to vegan culinary school: Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. 

  • He became a certified Transformation Specialist.

  • He became a certified Tantric Massage Therapist at Somananda's Tantra School.

  • He became a certified Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist at Somananda's Tantra School.

After intense study, Joshua Tree found that his answer to his question about "all of this" was a space to cultivate Christ Consciousness. 

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Our mission is to provide assistance, guidance, and understanding for your self transformation.

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