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Ayurveda Tantric Bodywork (Women Only)

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  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 255 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

In western society, the words Tantra  or Tantric sexuality, creates a false image, in people’s mind. Some may imagine Kama Sutra positions, threesomes, kinky sex with multiple people, or creative ways to have sex, with their partner. Truth of the matter, Tantra sexuality is much more than just sex. Tantra sexuality’s true purpose is solely for the transformation of human consciousness, utilizing sexual energy. Sexual energy is the divine energy of creation. When this specific type of energy is harnessed, controlled and understood, a recipient can experience altered states of consciousness which can lead to self-realization through physical touch. To deepen my understanding and skill in this sacred healing modality, I recently traveled to Nicaragua in March 21,2022 to become a certified Tantric body worker at Somananda’s Tantra school. As a certified tantric therapist, my goal is to do just that. Massaging or touching  certain areas of the body that can awaken and activate dormant energies through strategic physical touch. Another amazing benefit is  opening up the heart chakra, which is either imbalanced or blocked, due to our misconceptions on what true love is. Tantric therapy can reconnect women to their sensuality, femininity, internal bliss and self pleasure.  What makes this type of bodywork  different from a traditional swedish or deep tissue massage? Two words; Ayurvedic and Energy. As a tantric practitioner, I channel and direct energy to the Marma points in the body. Marma points are energy gateways. When these gateways are stimulated and activated energy will flood in the subtle body like water and unblock and remove stagnation. The style of body work ,that I have been trained in, is Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic or Ayurveda means science of knowledge. This style of bodywork is  very unique, precise ,nourishing and highly effective in releasing emotional blockages.  Tantric therapy addresses skepticism with bodily sensations, pleasure, and euphoria that can’t be described.. but MUST be experienced!  ***DISCLAIMER*** If you're interested, contact via email, text,call, message, website. DO NOT BOOK A SESSION until we have schedule a consultation. (Free-30min) Due to the powerful energy that is cultivated during the session.. It's important to make sure the recipient is educated on the process, healthy, receptive, and ready for deep healing work.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy: If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. You have 24 hours prior to the appointment. No refunds/final sales.

Contact Details

  • 504-612-0244

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