Spiritual Consultation

Spirituality is like one big university. In that university there are thousands and thousands of classes you can take to learn more about self. As a student, I’ve experienced, studied, and implemented a lot of practices that have given me a deeper perspective of what this is we call life. This service is for individuals who feel lost, emotionally imbalanced, confused, yearning for more growth or simply want to have a conversation - due to this journey getting lonely at times. I can give you the same perspectives and mindset I’ve adopted to help you to further your expansion.


Reiki Session

Reiki is just not about balancing chakras and removing energy blockages. Reiki is for individuals who suffered traumatic experiences and are completely drained from it. Individuals that are having trouble with keeping their battery (energy) fully charged. Reiki is also a way to alleviate chronic migraines, and to minimize physical pains, anxiety, and stress. In this session, I provide you with strategies and tools that you can utilize to start working on your emotional and energetic bodies. Only you can save yourself. I give you tools to help you do just that.

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Astrology Reading

Astrology has became very popular in Western culture. So much so, that it is more of a social trend whereby astrology is misunderstood and can be non-beneficial. Astrology is an occult tool that can reveal to you particular energies within you that are causing you to devolve or evolve. In this service, I raise your awareness to the energies that are causing challenges that you need to overcome. Using astrology, I show you what your soul mission is and what you should be focusing on to pass to the next level within yourself.


Nutrition Consultation

I’ve been plant-based for over 4 years now; I’ve learn and experienced a lot. There is a term called “bio-individualism” which means that what others may eat may not be good for you - and vice versa. What they eat, your body might reject. Through this understanding, I’ve learned to adopt intuitive eating. Which is eating what your body tells you to eat intuitively, rather than just for taste or emotional comfort. In this service, I provide the steps you need to implement to start getting more into intuitive eating, and a healthier lifestyle.


Tantric Therapy

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In western society, the words Tantra or Tantric sexuality, creates a false image, in people’s mind. Some may imagine Kama Sutra positions, threesomes, kinky sex with multiple people, or creative ways to have sex, with their partner. Truth of the matter is tantra sexuality is much more than just sex. Tantra sexuality’s true purpose is solely for the transformation of human consciousness, utilizing sexual energy. Sexual energy is the divine energy of creation. When this specific type of energy is harnessed, controlled and understood, a recipient can experience altered states of consciousness which can lead to self-realization. To deepen my understanding and skill in this sacred healing modality, I recently traveled to Nicaragua in March 21,2022 to become a certified Tantric body worker at Somananda’s Tantra school. As a certified tantric therapist, my goal is to do just that. Massaging or touching  certain areas of the body that can awaken and activate dormant energies through strategic physical touch.